5 Ways Sobriety Helped Prepare Me for My Pregnancy

1. We already know unplanned parts of life can turn out incredibly.

Recovery has proven that to me time and time again, and I kept reminding myself of that throughout pregnancy. Every time I started to panic about being pregnant, or not being ready, I just reminded myself to think back to the early stages of getting sober. I didn’t plan to get sober, and I certainly didn’t want to. In many ways, I got pushed into it without a choice, like many of us do.

2. We don’t have to battle our minds each day.

I have no doubt that if I’d still been drinking when I got pregnant, I would have had a hard time giving alcohol up. I know I probably could have stopped drinking, but it would have been a mental battle each and every day. And to be honest, I can’t imagine going through that on top of the normal, draining parts of pregnancy.

3. We get to be mentally and physically present through pregnancy.

Being present is perhaps the greatest gift of all as a result of recovery, in every aspect of life. But I’ve found that it’s been particularly rewarding throughout pregnancy. Even though there were hard parts of being pregnant, like first trimester sickness and body image struggles, I never once wished I could check out and not experience those parts. Pregnancy is different for everyone, sure. But for me it’s been amazing to experience both the positives and negatives and be fully aware of my body throughout the past nine months.

4. We don’t have to give ourselves away early on.

This was something I didn’t even think of right away, but the fact that early on in my pregnancy I had been turning down drinks in social settings wasn’t something that made anyone think twice since most everyone in my life knows I am sober. Had I still been a drinker and gotten pregnant, people would have been suspicious right away when I stopped accepting alcohol or made excuses to avoid it.

5. We get to set a positive example for our children right from the start.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with drinking in moderation, or with children observing that. But for me personally, I find comfort in knowing that I am setting an example of responsibility and strength from the minute my child is born and onward.



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