IIDs — An Accountability Tool For Alcohol Recovery

My daughter never received a citation for DWI. Her mom and I learned of her drinking problem and were counseled to get the device to protect her, ourselves, and anyone she might encounter on the road while impaired. It has been a very heart wrenching road for her, and her family, but today she is sober, and working hard at life. We have reclaimed our daughter, her daughter has reclaimed her mother, and the family is mostly whole again. The device was a large part of our success and peace of mind, and we are very grateful.” — Bob, father of a voluntary Intoxalock customer.

Those going to a rehabilitation center for alcohol use, you know the device is helpful for them too because now… if you’re intoxicated, and you have one of these devices added to your vehicle, it can keep you from driving. You can keep your car [by protecting your license],” — Joe, a state mandated client who chose to become a voluntary client at the end of his first lease.



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